32 Sanson by Rockwell partnered with HoliCOW (Holistic Coalition) to bring to its patrons a unique moving-in fair experience entitled Himô: A Space + Making Fair. The exhibit will be held this weekend, Nov. 19 and 20 at 32 Sanson’s grounds. It will feature a curated set of Cebu’s best furniture and home accessories designers.

“With 32 Sanson being our first project outside Metro Manila, we wanted to do a move-in fair for our unit owners because we are turning over our first two buildings this December. So before we ever turn over any unit to our unit owners, we usually hold our move-in fair where we invite furniture companies and a few service providers so that the unit owners could get an easier time creating their space. For Himô, we wanted it to be different here in 32 Sanson because Cebu is the furniture hub of the country. We wanted to be different from the other move-in fairs we’ve done for different projects in Manila.

“For Cebu, we wanted it to be curated. We wanted it to have character so that’s why we came up with the idea of partnering with HoliCOW. We’ve been collaborating for two months. And it’s a short time to collaborate on an event, but it’s really nice because 32 Sanson and HoliCOW both have this goal of bringing in locals and promoting local products. So we collaborated, and we came up with the word Himô, which is to make,” said Carmina Espeleta, brand marketing supervisor of Rockwell Land Corp.

The idea of space as the birthplace of any forms of creativity pushed the collaboration to the direction of creating the space into something that would probably suit a unit owner’s taste, making it his own, quite different from that of his neighbor’s.

“Himô, when you take out the H, also means imo—‘yours.’ And it adds character to something that you make whether it’s a product or as it is, a space. So what we’re doing is we’re going to curate spaces that you can in a way copy and paste to the new units. So if you’re a new homeowner, you own the unit. But when you get there, how do you make it yours? Because your unit, while unfurnished, is exactly like your neighbors’. What makes it yours is how you put your personality through it and how you express yourself through the space. And this is where we come in,” said Kae Batiquin, communications officer of HoliCOW.

The project also takes pride in the fact that it will be featuring pieces of furniture created by prestigious Cebuano designers, taking into consideration mainly Cebuano talent, pride, taste and culture.

“All of the pieces that you’ll see are 100 percent Cebuano, manufactured in Cebu or in the Visayas because we also have Negros partners and some constituents in Bohol and Tacloban and other grassroots communities. Everything is handmade. That means everything has its own DNA. There’s always something imbued to it, so when we curate spaces, we are suggesting to you that this is how you can express yourself through materials, furniture and design that are made and conceptualized here in Cebu, which is very you; which not only expresses the Cebuano lifestyle but also an aesthetic that we feel is very Filipino,” said Batiquin.

Designers of furniture that will be displayed during the fair are those who are known all over the world but trace their roots back to Cebu.

“Designers who manufacture and who export and who are being carried in ateliers all over the world, not just ateliers but hotels. You will be familiar with a lot of the names like Vito Selma, the Rodriguez Sisters, Co-Creative Studios, Obra Cebuana, Debbie Palao, Mehitabel, Hacienda Crafts and many more. These are all very big names abroad but these are all made in Cebu. You can literally bump into these people when you’re doing your groceries so it’s very ato. But it’s also very world class, and that’s saying something about Filipino pride and that’s who we’re showcasing. What we’re saying with Himô is that you make your own space and we help you express,” said Batiquin.

Hacienda Santa Rosalia Rondalla, a musical band composed of sons and daughters of farmers in Negros, will also be performing during the fair with classical musical instruments together with Sistemang Pilipino. La Marea will be providing artisan beverages, and Mehitabel Furniture Design and Manufacturing will be displaying new pieces specifically made for Himô.