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Beverly Dayanan - Cebu Bamboo Bay

Beverly Dayanan: Breaking the Mold

DEFINITELY the home is a woman’s domain. In accordance with tradition, she’s in charge of all the housework, from doing the laundry to preparing the food. This is where Beverly Dayanan saw an opportunity. It’s a shot at going beyond a woman’s traditional role—not just building a home, but a whole residential community, and thus…

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Bamboo Bay Cebu Condo

Contempo Property Holdings: Driven by Quality and Excellence

IN its journey towards their vision of developing communities of good neighbors, homegrown real estate firm, Contempo Property Holdings, Inc. continues to thrive to make significant differences to Filipino families through pioneering initiatives to ensure quality of life. “At Contempo, our mission and vision is to provide every Filipino their own home,” shared CPHI Founder…

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