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Tiny House Collection: Amazing And Cheap Ideas For Your Cozy Tiny House +15 Sneaky Organizing Ideas: (DIY Household Hacks, Organized Home, Simple … Diy Decoration And Design, Interior Design)

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Tiny House Collection: Amazing And Cheap Ideas For Your Cozy Tiny House + 15 Sneaky Organizing IdeasBook#1: Tiny Houses: The Small Inexpensive Cozy Home for You, the Best Examples of Planning

The idea of tiny houses is something that has been gaining popularity and is still is. If it is something you have given a thought and would love to make it a part of you then this book is all you need. There is so much you need to know much of what has been covered in each and every chapter of this book. Whatever your choice of design there are also a number of aspects to be considered to allow for comfort and safety. Before embarking on any journey it is always important to be equipped with enough knowledge in order to know all that is required of you.

  • Chapter One: this is the introduction part of the book and it therefore gives you a deeper understanding of what tiny houses are and also what it means to live a simple lifestyle. This is important because you need to know what you are getting into.
  • Chapter Two: chapter two outlines the benefits of tiny houses and tiny living which is meant to help you be comfortable with the decision of following through the tiny living thought. It will really give you much of what you need to understand why there is so much word regarding tiny houses.
  • Chapter Three: before working on any project it is always essential to get to know of the mistakes that many who tried before you made. This will allow you to smooth sail through everything and have a better experience. This is what the third chapter of the book covers; it gives you the common mistakes made when it comes to tiny houses.
  • Chapter Four: this chapter takes you through very important tips and it will allow you to have a deeper understanding of what you need to do to get the best tiny house.
  • Chapter Five: this is the last part of the book and is a guideline of a plan that will allow you to know every single step to follow through in order for you to build nice, cozy and well designed tiny house.

Book#2: Tiny Houses: Make Your Very Own Tiny House The Best Place For Living 15 Cheap & Amazing Ideas

Let’s face it – it’s easy to be creative when you have money. You can buy whatever furniture unit you need, and the options are great. However, I find it really magical when I finish a budget-friendly home project on my own, and then just sit and admire it.

So, as I know that tiny home owners always need some easy ideas to help them live big in a small home, I made a collection of 15 projects that you can either do on your own or with a little help of a friend and freshen up your home. Plus, all these projects are budget-friendly, so they are even more amazing.

The idea for the book came from my impression that the biggest challenge that people living in tiny houses face is a lack of storage space. You can’t cram up all your possessions. Instead, your furniture items should have more than one function if you want to live comfortably.

Thus, the book is aimed to give some clever storage ideas to those who have tiny rooms. The projects presented here are suitable for your entire home, from your hall and living room to your bathroom and loft. These unique designs may even serve as an inspiration for you for your own projects.

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