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Tiny House Living: Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide for Newbies (Tiny House Floor Plans, Tiny House Construction, Interior Design) (Volume 1)

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Have you ever thought of having a smaller home, but a bigger life? Many people feel this way, which is why tiny houses are becoming more and more popular. They will save you money and give you the freedom to focus on life outside of the house.

For instance, did you know that two-thirds of tiny house owners don’t pay mortgages and the average cost of a tiny home is only $22K? Stop feeling burdened by your large home and high mortgage payment. That life just isn’t for everyone and the Tiny House Movement is another option to consider. Join many others on the journey to being a tiny house owner. It could be the solution you are looking for.

This book will teach you all the fundamentals to tiny house living. You will learn how to live big in your tiny home and be freed from burdens- such as a mortgage- that go along with more conventional home buying options. Most importantly, it will start you on your journey to a tiny house and a big life free of clutter and problems!

After reading this book you will know everything there is to know about:

  • What to look for in a floor plan
  • The importance of climate
  • How to choose the right size for you
  • Creative storage options
  • Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. A list of mistakes that often plague newcomers, and easy ways to avoid falling prey to these pitfalls
  • Where to find and navigate codes and laws
  • Where you can put your tiny house
  • And Much much more!

Waiting any longer just means your dream home will continue to remain out of reach! TAKE ACTION TODAY AND PURCHASE THIS BOOK. You will be glad you did

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